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Week 10.5 (Day 67)

Well, it’s been awhile.  I’ve been crazy crazy busy with school, cross country, and everything else, so I decided that after about 5 weeks off I should at least take a set of pictures and give an updated status.  Okay, so my joints hurt; a lot.  But, I’m running a lot too, so we’ll see how much my joints hurt once cross country ends at the end of October.  Next, my dosage is still at 60mg, and my bilirubin levels are still elevated, but at the same elevated level, so it’s fine.  Carmex is the best lip balm, it’s worked very very well so far, I can’t get enough of it (literally).  Also, I think my face has cleared up a fair amount.  Given, this is the first set of pictures since week 5/6, so there should be some major clearing, but for comparison, I put week 1’s picture at the top and week 10,5’s picture on the bottom (week 10.5 is the blue shirt).  Also, the full week 10.5 gallery is at the bottom per usual.

DSC_0002Week 10.5


Day 33: Dermatologist Appointment #2 (Oh, and yes, I’m still alive)

Hey everyone, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth.  I’ve been crazy busy preparing for school to start and for all my extracurriculars to start.  I’m going to take a set of pictures on Friday, and I’ll skip last week’s (there wasn’t that much of a change anyways).

So, today was my dermatologist appointment.  They said the blood tests were good, but my bilirubin levels were elevated.  That means that I could have Gilbert’s Syndrome, which, if you’ve been following my blog, my dad has.  It’s completely benign, and it can be hereditary.  So, the doctor thinks it’s probably just that, but she wants me to call my primary care physician to make sure.  She said that I’m responding very well to the medication, and she wants to increase my dosage.  I guess that the higher the dosage taken, the more lasting the clear skin will be.  So, since I’ve only been having minor dryness and pain and all that stuff, I said sure, why not.  I’m on 60 mg now, taken in 3 20mg capsules.  I went to CVS to fill the prescription, and somehow it’s going to take an hour to collect three boxes, go on iPledge, and put the three boxes in a bag.  I’m going to go back later on tonight as I’ll be in the area anyway.  But, I’m happy that the dermatologist thinks my skin is doing well, and I’m glad I’m reacting well to Accutane!  (By the way, they scheduled the appointment correctly this time, so I have the next appointment 30 days after this one!)

Day 27: Uh-Oh

So, as the first month winds down, I’m realizing an issue: I don’t have enough Accutane to last me until my next dermatologist appointment.  I will be off of the medication for two days before the appointment.  I don’t think it’s a big deal, but it’s kind of annoying to have to stop in the middle of my journey (okay, the first 1/5, but who’s counting) and wait to start up again.  I’ll make sure they schedule me in for exactly a month away this time, I don’t want to be without my medication, I want to get this done as quickly as possible ;).  Blood test tomorrow morning, then dermatologist appointment Tuesday.  Fun stuff.

My New Favorites

After my lip balm fiasco yesterday, I went to CVS this morning and picked up two more tubes of Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm. I love this stuff.  I went through a whole tube in a week, but as Napoleon would say, “my lips hurt real bad.”  So, I officially like the Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm the best.  However, I was also looking for a remedy for the cracks and the burning and all that fun stuff.  So I turned to Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment (jeez, I should buy stock in Blistex or something).  This really soothes and heals the lips, but because it doesn’t have a sunscreen, use it when you’re going to bed or if you’re going to be out of the sun.  But I think with these two products, I’ll have fully (or as close to fully as possible) moisturized lips during my Accutane treatment.

The Packaging

Oh by the way, here’s what the Claravis packaging looks like.  If they haven’t made it clear enough, girls, don’t get pregnant! (Click gallery images for a larger view)


The Adventure Begins

I went to CVS today and got my first 30 day supply of Accutane!  I’m going to take my first 40mg pill when I get a call from the doctor’s that my blood tests are all set and then begin The Accutane Adventure.  I’ll upload a new set of pictures every week, hopefully every Thursday afternoon/night.  The quality of my skin may deteriorate at first,  but after continued use, I’ll be all clear, if everything goes to plan.  Yay Accutane!  (Needless to say, my parents are on board, and see the potential benefits of this medication.  The doctor’s visit really helped assuage their concerns, and mine as well)

This iPledge program really is a hassle.  You have to present your iPledge Patient ID Card whenever you get a prescription filled.  They check the database to make sure the doctor has entered in that I’ve been in for a visit within the last 30 days and stuff.  It’s a good program though, I’m sure it’s prevented many birth defects, so who can complain.  Not that I’m going to get pregnant at any time, but that’s okay, they wouldn’t want to be sexist.

The people at CVS were very nice.  I brought the prescription to the pharmacist in the morning, and she didn’t seem familiar at all with the iPledge program, saying that she had never heard of it. But when I picked it up, after some searching on their part, they found the prescription, asked me for my ID card, and gave me the prescription.  Thank god for good insurance, I paid just $10 for the medication that was originally $293!

Please leave any questions you have about the process of getting treatment in the comments and I’ll give advice from the perspective of a patient as best as I can. Every week I’ll upload another set of pictures, as previously mentioned. I’ll also give a summary of my current symptoms and how I’m feeling overall as often as possible, maybe even daily.  Stay Tuned!

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