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My New Favorites

After my lip balm fiasco yesterday, I went to CVS this morning and picked up two more tubes of Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm. I love this stuff.  I went through a whole tube in a week, but as Napoleon would say, “my lips hurt real bad.”  So, I officially like the Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm the best.  However, I was also looking for a remedy for the cracks and the burning and all that fun stuff.  So I turned to Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment (jeez, I should buy stock in Blistex or something).  This really soothes and heals the lips, but because it doesn’t have a sunscreen, use it when you’re going to bed or if you’re going to be out of the sun.  But I think with these two products, I’ll have fully (or as close to fully as possible) moisturized lips during my Accutane treatment.


Day 9: Lip Balm Emergency

I ran out of lip balm.  Earlier tonight, I went to twist the bottom of the tube of Blistex Complete Moisture Lip Balm and it wouldn’t turn.  I almost died.  My lips became very dry about 15 minutes after I stopped using the lip balm, and I had to take some of my grandmother’s vitamin e cream—god only knows if that’s safe for my lips.  It helped hold me over until I returned home, where my emergency backups (Carmex and Burt’s Bees) were waiting.  I have to say that the Carmex is a bit stingy, I can definitely feel it on my lips.  I’d assume that the Burt’s Bees is the same.  I have to go to CVS tomorrow to buy more Blistex (probably at least two containers).  But this definitely shows me that using lip balm is imperative, so don’t leave home without it!

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