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Day 24: The Nosebleed

I knew I would get my first nosebleed eventually.  I was sitting at my computer, and I went to sneeze.  Then I looked at my hand and saw blood.  Fantastic.  It wasn’t a terrible nosebleed, just a little annoying.  I don’t get nosebleeds normally, so I’m guessing it’s due to the dryness caused by Accutane.  But, it’s okay, dryness, nosebleeds, back pain, and chapped lips are to be expected.  I’m just nervous for the winter, that’s going to be a hassle because it’s so dry in New England in the winter.  We’ll see, though.  I’ll just take it one day at a time.


Week 4 Already!?

Well, it’s the beginning of week 4 today.  I think there is some improvement in the quality of my skin based on the pictures.  As for side effects, I have lots of back pain and shoulder pain and that stuff (probably from cross country) and my lips are chapped beyond belief (probably also because of cross country, and the fact that I can’t find Carmex lip balm anywhere, so I’m using this Blistex complete moisture stuff).  But overall, it’s doable, although I think I must have an abnormally high tolerance for pain.  So without further ado, here are the pictures from the end of week 3/beginning of week 4: (As always, click any of the small pictures for a larger version)


Day 20/Day 21: Water Country and Cross Country

This has been an interesting couple of days.  Yesterday, I went to Water Country, a waterpark in Portsmouth, NH.  It was really fun, and I used lots of sunblock and didn’t really get burned. Except for my neck. Oh. My. God. My neck hurts SO MUCH.  I did apply lots of sunblock there, but evidently not enough.

Today (Day 21) was the first day of Cross Country practice.  My joints feel fine, for now.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.  The only thing that hurt more than usual was my back.  I’m finding lately that I have worse back pain, not from running necessarily, but from work and from walking and all that other stuff.

We’ll see tomorrow how my back and my knees and my ankles and all that fun stuff feels.  Stay tuned! (Oh and tomorrow’s picture day so watch out for that!)

Day 19: Finally a Change

It’s day 19, and I’m starting to notice some improvement.  I think this may be the light at the end of the initial breakout tunnel!  I think my skin is starting to clear up somewhat.  I’ve also noticed that I’m handling the side effects better, my face doesn’t hurt as much, and although my lips are still dry, there’s no peeling or anything.  The only side effect that has become more prevalent is my back pain.  But, I’ve been working more often, so that could be adding to the problem.  But, I think things may be falling into place (finally).  We’ll see how the rest of this week plays out, I can’t wait to compare the before pictures to this week’s!  Stay tuned for that!

Week 3 Begins

After two weeks of no noticeable change, I’m becoming skeptical of Accutane.  However, I’ll stick it out, battle the dryness, the back pain, the sun sensitivity, and anything else Accutane can throw at me.  You’ll notice in this week’s set of pictures from the end of week 2 and beginning of week 3 that I got my hair cut.  I don’t know how much it influences the perception of my skin quality, so maybe factor that in to these results.  As always, click the small images for the larger one.


Week 2 Roundup

I can’t say it’s been a quick two weeks.  My skin is pretty dry and flaky even with almost constant moisturization.  But, the lips thing really gets me, they’re always dry and in pain.  I don’t feel any other side effects, however. I do have some back pain, but I’ve been working a little more often, so that could be part of it.  The absolute worst part of this, though, is that I don’t see the improvement.  People say that my face looks better, but I see the same breakouts and the same texture and the same everything except with increased dryness and sensitivity to sun.  Hopefully this will work, I’ll give it some time.

Day 13: The Pros and Cons of Sun Exposure

Today was a beautiful day outside, nice and sunny, not as hot as it has been, but still really, really nice.  So, I went to Portsmouth, NH with my family, and we went kayaking.  Sounds great, right? Well, it was, but the sun wasn’t so great.  I applied my normal 30SPF sunblock on my body and my Aveeno 70SPF face sunblock as usual, before we went outside.  I also applied lots of lip balm, and brought it with me (the only thing I brought on the boat ;)).  Most of the kayaking was great, but near the end, I felt this burning pain on my face and on my body that wouldn’t go away. It felt like I was getting a sunburn before my eyes, I could feel the heat from the sun.  Also, to make matters worse, I didn’t bring my sunglasses out of fear that my month-old RayBan aviators would find their demise in the ocean.  So, along with my skin crisping up, my eyes were almost shut, and my face was incredibly dry.  When we reached the shore, I ran to the car, put my sunglasses on, sat down, and then changed my clothes.  Upon later inspection, I didn’t really burn badly at all, it just felt like I was burning.  But, like I felt, my face was so so so dry.

Overall, it was a nice day.  Next time, though, I might take a bit shorter of a trip on the water, because my skin is definitely affected by Accutane.

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